Your Phonetic Passport to All of Europe's Languages

EurAlfabet Mini Logo (European Universal Recognition Alphabet) is a revolutionary new display font designed for readers of all three of the alphabets used to write European languages: Latin (e.g., English), Cyrillic (e.g., Russian), and Greek!

EurAlfabet Mini Logo operates on the principal that all three alphabets share a similar history and substantial phonetic overlap (see EurAlfabet Mini Logo's FAQ). This means many letters in all three alphabets convey the same sounds. However, because some letters are similar but not the same, EurAlfabet Mini Logo’s unique design allows readers of all three alphabets see and “hear” letters the same way!

This makes EurAlfabet Mini Logo especially useful as a “display font” for signs, logos, and other large-type presentations where readers of different alphabets are involved. For example, a Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, or Bulgarian (or Greek) reader can without difficultly read and understand posted words such as:


But looking at the above, readers of languages written in the Latin alphabet, like English, French, Spanish, or German, are not likely to recognize the familiar words:


EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ addresses this problem by using letters with shapes that can be read easily the same way in all three alphabets:

EurAlfabet Park

EurAlfabet Metro

EurAlfabet Telephone

EurAlfabet Restaurant

In addition to such items of general interest, EurAlfabet Mini Logo is suitable for use in company logos, advertising, and other business purposes. Purchase of fonts includes the buyer’s license to use EurAlfabet Mini Logo letters and symbols for commercial purposes without additional cost! (See License)
EurAlfabet Mini Logo is an indispensable new tool for doing business in an increasingly integrated Europe, as well as globally wherever European languages are read and spoken.

For more on what EurAlfabet Mini Logo can do for you, see Great Functionality examples or try it out with your own words and check EurAlfabet Mini Logo FAQs, or proceed to purchase.