Great Functionality

EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ is designed to allow readers to “hear” words phonetically in all three European alphabets. While EurAlfabet Mini Logo can be used to write any document in any language using the Latin, Cyrillic, or Greek alphabets, it especially useful in large type as a “display font” for signs, logos, and other large-type presentations where readers of different alphabets are involved.

Because readers of the Cyrillic and Greek alphabets generally are more familiar with the Latin alphabet than vice versa, this makes EurAlfabet very useful for displays in Slavic languages or in Greek, where western speakers of English, French, German, etc., may have difficulty in understanding the local letters. While EurAlfabet Mini Logo cannot translate words for the reader, it can make them accessible phonetically. This has great functionality for understanding of displays relating to –

The following are some suggested examples of EurAlfabet Mini Logo’s functionality – but of course you can think of additional ones! You can try it out on Your own.

Everyday Needs

EurAlfabet Telephone EurAlfabet Restaurant EurAlfabet Toilet EurAlfabet Terminal

EurAlfabet Department EurAlfabet Internet EurAlfabet Hotel EurAlfabet Stadium

EurAlfabet Park EurAlfabet PASSPORT EurAlfabet Suvenir EurAlfabet Bank EurAlfabet METRO

EurAlfabet Zoopark EurAlfabet STOP EurAlfabet SUPERMARKET

City names, districts, sites of interest

The following are examples of cities, districts, and sites of interest in Cyrillic and Greek areas where, without EurAlfabet Mini Logo, a western visitor would have difficulty understanding a simple sign. With respect to examples in Cyrillic, note that EurAlfabet Mini Logo accommodates special characters in Russian, Ukrainian, Serbian, and Bulgarian:

EurAlfabet Moscow EurAlfabet Creml EurAlfabet Bolshoi Teatr EurAlfabet Manez

EurAlfabet Stadium Luzniki EurAlfabet Belorusskii Vokzal

EurAlfabet Arbat EurAlfabet Novodevichii Monastir EurAlfabet Lubianka

EurAlfabet Kiev EurAlfabet Maidan EurAlfabet Funikuler

EurAlfabet Kievo-Pecherskaya Lavra EurAlfabet Sankt Peterburg

EurAlfabet Ermitaz EurAlfabet Kronstadt EurAlfabet Petergof EurAlfabet Belgrade EurAlfabet Zemun

EurAlfabet Kalemegdan EurAlfabet Skadarlia EurAlfabet Sofia EurAlfabet Largo EurAlfabet Athens

EurAlfabet Tessaloniki EurAlfabet Parthenon EurAlfabet Zappeion EurAlfabet Omonia

EurAlfabet Olympiakos Stadium EurAlfabet Syntagma EurAlfabet Glyfada

EurAlfabet Kolonaki EurAlfabet Psyhico EurAlfabet Kifisia EurAlfabet Plaka EurAlfabet Patra

EurAlfabet London EurAlfabet Paris EurAlfabet Berlin EurAlfabet Madrid EurAlfabet Brussels

Company names

The following are examples of international companies – including western, Russian, Ukrainian, and Greek – to illustrate the understandability of the names of well-known firms in EurAlfabet Mini Logo. (NOTE: These names are taken at random as examples, and their display here does not indicate or suggest in any way that these firms are connected with or endorse EurAlfabet Mini Logo)

EurAlfabet Ford EurAlfabet BP EurAlfabet Exxon Mobil EurAlfabet Total EurAlfabet Samsung

EurAlfabet BNP Paribas EurAlfabet Verizon EurAlfabet Nissan EurAlfabet Nokia EurAlfabet Pepsi

EurAlfabet Apple EurAlfabet Fedex EurAlfabet Volvo EurAlfabet Fage EurAlfabet Gazprom EurAlfabet Mechel

EurAlfabet Rosneft EurAlfabet Lukoil EurAlfabet Evraz EurAlfabet Volga-Dnepr

EurAlfabet Alfa-Bank EurAlfabet Norilskii Nikel EurAlfabet Kievstar

EurAlfabet Naftogaz Ukraini EurAlfabet Ukrtelekom EurAlfabet Sarakaki

EurAlfabet Krivorizstal EurAlfabet Katimerini EurAlfabet Eleyterotypia

EurAlfabet Trapeza Attikis EurAlfabet Pelargos EurAlfabet To Vima EurAlfabet Pitsos

EurAlfabet Misko EurAlfabet Zagori EurAlfabet lenovo EurAlfabet Sollers EurAlfabet Sherif

People’s Names

The following are examples (in no particular order) of well-known persons’ names to illustrate how proper names that might be unrecognizable in their original alphabet are easy to understand in EurAlfabet Mini Logo. Of course this can be done with any name, including yours.

EurAlfabet Azarov EurAlfabet Medvedev EurAlfabet Tadic EurAlfabet Merkel EurAlfabet Yanukovich

EurAlfabet Sarkozy EurAlfabet Papadopulos EurAlfabet Kostunica EurAlfabet Romanov

EurAlfabet Sakskoburgotski EurAlfabet Obama EurAlfabet Putin EurAlfabet Stolipin

EurAlfabet Timosenko EurAlfabet Papandreu EurAlfabet Reagan

EurAlfabet Borisov EurAlfabet Stalin EurAlfabet Washington EurAlfabet Truman