License Agreement

EurAlfabet Mini Logo TM

(European Universal Recognition Alphabet)

THIS END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT (“EULA”) IS A LEGAL CONTRACT. Please read it before installing EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ fonts (hereinafter, “the fonts”).

If you do not accept this EULA, do not install the EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ fonts.

By installing the fonts, you accept this EULA. “Fonts” means the fonts (i.e., EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ font software) specified in your invoice and provided to you upon purchase.

A. Installation

A.1. Permitted Number of Users: This basic license is for 1–5 workstations. Any number of printers or output devices may be used. If you need to use the fonts on more workstations than 5 (five), you must purchase an upgrade. Such licensed workstations need not be at the same business location. Contact EurAlfabet Mini Logo via or to request a quote for an upgrade regarding more than 5 workstations.

A.2. Networks: Apart from the workstations licensed, you may also install the fonts on a network server. The number of workstations licensed means each and every workstation where EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ fonts will be used, not just the maximum number on a network that might possibly use it at any one time.

A.3. Remote Locations: For every workstation for which you are licensed, you may also install the fonts on a portable (laptop) computer and/or a home computer, provided the fonts are not used on the secondary computer(s) at the same time. At home, you may install the fonts on the computers of other family members solely for non-commercial, personal (including schoolwork) use.

B. Other restrictions

B.1. Proof of license: This EULA is your proof of license to exercise the rights granted herein and must be retained by you.

B.2. No license to transfer or modify software: You may not (a) rent, lease, sell, sublicense, lend, or otherwise transfer to any party; or (b) modify, un-bundle, reverse engineer, decompile, disassemble, or repackage for distribution or resale the EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ software supplied to you pursuant to this purchase.

C. Use in logos and advertising

Purchase of EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ fonts pursuant to this EULA conveys to the purchaser of fonts the unrestricted right of direct use by the purchaser of EurAlfabet Mini Logo™ letters and symbols in company names, logos, emblems, stationary, signs, and advertising without further purchase, royalty, or honorarium. “Direct use by the purchaser” means use by the purchaser (whether a natural person, corporation, or partnership, association, cooperative, or similar entity) for general commercial or personal purposes or by any entity wholly owned by the purchaser, such as proprietorship or corporate subsidiary.


EurAlfabet Mini Logo design patent application number: 29/44,699.