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What is EurAlfabet Mini Logo?

EurAlfabet Mini Logo (European Universal Recognition Alphabet) is a set of three fonts for writing in the Latin, Cyrillic, and Greek alphabets. All languages currently in use in Europe, and throughout the world where European languages are spoken and read, use one or more of these alphabets. For example, the Latin alphabet is used to write English, Spanish, and French; Cyrillic is used to write Russian and some other Slavic languages; and of course Greek is written in the Greek alphabet.

EurAlfabet is based on “visual phonetic conversion” (VPC), a concept that similar letters in different alphabets can be designed to convey the same phonetic value.

How is EurAlfabet Mini Logo used?

EurAlfabet Mini Logo can be used to write anything in any language written in the three specified alphabets. However, because EurAlfabet Mini Logo’s unique features are designed to connect phonetically with the reader, EurAlfabet Mini Logo works best for display purposes in signs, names, logos, and other public postings in large type.

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